NLP & TFT Treatments

NLP, TFT and Hypnosis work for emotional health issues, including phobias, anxiety, depression and plenty more. [visit site]

Jonathan Myles-Lea, artist best known for his stylistic work in the portrayal of houses and their garden estates. [visit site]

Private doctors for metrosexuals in London. Mostly gay practice. Specialising in sexual health. Skin care too. Fast, effective and convenient care. [visit site]

Showcase for London-based actor, Anthony Styles. [visit site]

Walking tours web site for London tourists and those that want to know their city better. [visit site]

Covent Garden Dental Practice. London's best and most friendly dental practice. Great value. [visit site]

Freelance journalist working within the recruitment, training and accountancy sectors. [visit site]

Ouray Valley Web Design London

Are you looking for a simple web-site to give you an on-line presence and attract new business? If you know that you need a site but don't know what to do next, I'll be able to help you make that connection to thousands of new potential clients. In addition to the design I'll help with everything from choosing an on-line address, email, registration and hosting.

All businesses are unique so all of my work is tailor-made. All businesses deserve more than an off-the-shelf solution, so that your themes, styles, logo and content all work together make your message clear and enticing.

Office streamlining services are also available. Database design and implementation, MS Office integration and training is available for London based offices.

Ouray Valley is the town in Colorado which philosopher, Ayn Rand, said most resembled the fictional location of Galt's Gulch. Galt's Gulch featured in Rand's classic novel Atlas Shrugged. It was the place independent men and women went to work on the projects they loved. Ayn Rand's philosophy is known as Objectivism.